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2010 Code Review

The final report on the second review of the Railways (Access) Code 2000 was delivered to the Treasurer in December 2011. The final report made recommendations to the WA Government which seek to:
  • Improve the availability of information for parties seeking access to railways
  • Prevent delays in access negotiations
  • Improve the efficient/effective administration of the Code
  • Clarify the definitions of railways subject to the Code
  • Develop a set of ‘model’ Part 5 instruments to apply to all new railways from commencement of their operations to expedite timely resolution of proposals for access to new railways


Date Documents File type
07-Feb-12 Final Report
Adobe PDF 228 kB
 22-Nov-10 Draft Report Adobe PDF217 kB
 28-Oct-09 Issues Paper
Adobe PDF189 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents File type
WestNet Rail - Draft Report  Adobe PDF 596 kB
09-May-11 API West Pilbara Iron Ore Project - Draft Report
Adobe PDF 577 kB
09-May-11 Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Inc) - Draft Report Adobe PDF 93.4 kB
09-May-11 Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited - Draft Report Adobe PDF 496 kB
09-May-11 North West Infrastructure - Draft Report Adobe PDF 2.2 MB
Oakajee Port & Rail - Draft Report
Adobe PDF 646 kB
09-May-11 Roy Hill Infrastructure Pty Ltd - Draft Report
Adobe PDF 1.2 MB
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Inc) - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF175 kB
Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF301 kB
Department of Treasury and Finance - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF 514 kB
Fortesque Metals Group Ltd - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF686 kB
North West Iron Ore Alliance - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF245 kB
Oakajee Port & Rail - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF3.5 MB
WestNet Rail - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF426 kB
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