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2004 Code Review

The final report on the first review of the Railways Access Code was delivered to the Treasurer in December 2005. The report made recommendations seeking to improve the effectiveness of the rail access regime, which included:

  • the Code’s effectiveness in terms of its impact upon both the (below-rail) network service providers, and the (above-rail) network users (and their customers)
  • the impact of the Code upon activities in downstream industries
  • the impact of the Code upon the efficiency of investment in the rail network infrastructure

Date Documents File type
05-Dec-05 Final Report
Adobe PDF332 kB
05-Dec-05 Report on issues associated with the Railways (Access) Act 1998 Adobe PDF83.0 kB

Draft Report

Adobe PDF318 kB
Issues Paper
Adobe PDF251 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents File type
Alcoa submission - Draft Report
Adobe PDF24.5 kB
17-Aug-05 ARTC submission - Draft Report
Adobe PDF172 kB
17-Aug-05 CBH submission - Draft Report Adobe PDF96.1 kB
17-Aug-05 Patrec submission - Draft Report Adobe PDF46.0 kB
17-Aug-05 Pacific National submission - Draft Report Adobe PDF103 kB
17-Aug-05 Transport Coalition submission - Draft Report Adobe PDF11.8 kB
17-Aug-05 WNR submission - Draft Report Adobe PDF139 kB
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd - Draft Report
Adobe PDF66.1 kB
Pacific National - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF 103 kB
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 25 kb
Queensland Rail - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF109 kB
Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF156 kB
Alcoa submission - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 42 kB
ARG submission - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF244 kB
ARTC submission - Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 127 kB
FMG submission - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF 40 kB
WNR submission - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF139 kB
AWB submission - Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF146 kB