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2002 Access Proposal by Portman Iron Ore Ltd

In early November 2001, WestNet Rail, being the railway infrastructure owner, advised the Acting Rail Access Regulator that an access proposal had been received which, in their opinion, involved provision of access to the Kalgoorlie to Esperance railway line to an extent which may preclude other entities from access to that infrastructure.

The access proposal in question was made by Portman Iron Ore Ltd (PIOL). It involved train operations to carry 5.5 million tonnes per annum of iron ore from Koolyanobbing, located approximately 200 km west of Kalgoorlie, on the main interstate network to the Port of Esperance.

Under Section 10(1)(b) of the Railways (Access) Code, the Regulator’s approval is required before negotiations can be entered into on a proposal where “the railway owner considers that it would involve the provision of access to railway infrastructure to an extent that may in effect preclude other entities from access to that infrastructure”.

Access Proposal

Date Documents File type
Final Determination Adobe PDF  117 kB
Consultant Report - Capacity vs Demand Adobe PDF 731 kB
Railway Owner's Advice to Regulator
Adobe PDF 995 kB
Access proposal by Portman Iron Ore Limited
Adobe PDF 569 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents
File type
Public Submission - Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC)
Adobe PDF 77.3
Public Submission - Australia Western Railroad Pty Ltd Adobe PDF 72.7 kB
Public Submission - Alcoa World Alumina Australia (Alcoa) 
Adobe PDF99.8
24-Dec-01   Public Submission - Shell Company of Australia Limited
Adobe PDF44.5 kB
Public Submission - portman Iron Ore Ltd
Adobe PDF 105 kB
Public Submission - The Royal Automobile Club of W.A. (Inc.)
Adobe PDF 90.4 kB
Public Submission - WMC Resources Limited
Adobe PDF 117 kB
Public Submission - Kevin Pearce
Adobe PDF 54.1 kB
Public Submission - L N Inglis
Adobe PDF 189 kB
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