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Freight Network

Arc Infrastructure provides 'below' rail freight infrastructure in the south-west of Western Australia.

Arc Infrastructure is wholly-owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Arc Infrastructure controls over 5,000 kilometers of track throughout the southern half of Western Australia – from Geraldton, to Leonora and Kalgoorlie and to Esperance, Albany and Bunbury. You can download a map of Arc Infrastructure's network.

Arc Infrastructure’s network transports a wide range of commodities including grain, alumina, bauxite, iron ore and interstate freight – as well as passengers on the Perth to Kalgoorlie and Perth to Bunbury lines.

A brief history of the West Australian freight network

In 2000, the Government sold the freight business of the Western Australian Government Railways (Westrail), to the Australian Railroad Group Pty Ltd (ARG).

In 2006 ARG was sold to a consortium - Babcock and Brown and Queensland Rail. The below rail business, trading as WestNet Rail (WNR), subsequently went to Babcock and Brown, and the above rail business to Queensland Rail.

In 2009, Babcock and Brown Infrastructure became known as Prime Infrastructure. Prime Infrastructure was delisted as a public company in 2011 and is now owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. To reflect these ownership changes, WestNet Rail was renamed Brookfield Rail in August 2011. In July 2017, Brookfield Rail changed its name to ARC Infrastructure.

Page last updated: 30 Sep 2018