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Water Corporation's Tariffs 2008

In 2007 the ERA undertook an annual inquiry on the most appropriate level of tariffs for the Water Corporation’s customers. This annual inquiry was not intended to be a comprehensive reassessment of the Corporation’s pricing, but rather an update that took into account information that came to hand in the preceding year. This inquiry was intended to provide advice to Government on the Water Corporation’s annual budget submission. The ERA did not undertake a public consultation process.

The ERA’s final report was tabled in Parliament on 17 January 2008. Following the public release of the final report, an error was identified in the model used to determine tariffs. The error resulted in the publication of some incorrect information in the original report. The affected tables were corrected and a revised final report was released. The revised report is available in both clean and marked up versions.


Date Documents
File type
Revised Final Report - Clean Version
Adobe PDF 248 kB
Revised Final Report - Marked up Version
Adobe PDF 260 kB
Final Report
Adobe PDF 247 kB
Amendment to Terms of Reference
Adobe PDF 16 kB
Gazettal Notice
Adobe PDF 25 kB
Terms of Reference
Adobe PDF 24 kB