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Bunbury and Busselton Water Boards’ Tariffs (2008)

In 2008 the ERA undertook an inquiry on Bunbury and Busselton Water Boards’ tariffs. The ERA consulted with the Water Boards as part of this inquiry, but was not required to undertake a public consultation process.

This inquiry was not intended to be a major review of tariff structures, which would involve a comprehensive reassessment of the Water Boards’ costs, but was limited to providing advice on the level of tariffs for 2008/09 and the specific matters raised in the Terms of Reference.

The ERA final report was delivered to the Treasurer on 8 February 2008 and tabled in Parliament on 7 March 2008.


Date Documents
File type
10-Mar-08 Final Report
Adobe PDF 212 kB
Gazettal Notice
Adobe PDF 11 kB
Terms of Reference
Adobe PDF 16 kB