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Haulage Contract

WestNet Energy provides services to WA Gas Networks to assist in the operation and maintenance of the Mid-West and South-West gas distribution system. In the course of providing these services, WestNet, in a letter dated 11 March 2009, informed the ERA that these contracts are no longer “Associate Contracts” within the meaning of the Code. WestNet stated that as a result of a corporate restructure in 2007, Alinta Sales is not a related body of WA Gas Networks and so is not an Associate of WA Gas Networks under the Code with respect to these contracts. WestNet also stated that in addition to this, the promotion contract has expired and the activities contemplated by that contract have ceased.


Date Documents
File type
18-Apr-01 Decision
Adobe PDF 228 kB
 Issues paper
Adobe PDF66.2 kB
Proposed Haulage Contract
Adobe PDF132 kB

Public Submissions

Date Documents
File type
05-Apr-01 AGL Energy Sales and Marketing Submission on Issues
Adobe PDF 8.2 kB
04-Apr-01 Apache Energy Submission on Issues Paper 
Adobe PDF 23.9 kB
04-Apr-01 CMS Energy Gas Transmission Submission on Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 25.3 kB
04-Apr-01 Office of Energy Submission on Issues Paper
Adobe PDF 9.8 kB
04-Apr-01 AlintaGas Submission on Issues Paper Adobe PDF 23.8 kB
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