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Consultation on Implementation of the Debt Risk Premium Estimation Process

On 29 June 2018, the ERA published its Draft Rate of Return Guidelines for Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks. At the ERA’s public forum and in submissions on the draft guidelines, stakeholders requested that the ERA provide a detailed technical process to implement the guidelines’ debt risk premium method.

The ERA prepared technical debt risk premium process documents and accompanying tools, consistent with the debt risk premium method detailed in the draft guidelines:

  • debt risk premium process for updating in R
  • debt risk premium process for updating in Excel
  • debt risk premium update Excel template
  • debt risk premium update R code package

They provide the technical steps and detail necessary for stakeholders to estimate the debt risk premium.

Interested parties were invited to make submissions on these process documents. Submissions closed on Thursday, 22 November 2018.


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Date Documents File type
05-Nov-18 DRP Methods - Zip file including Excel and code

05-Nov-18 Updating DRP using Excel
Adobe PDF 1 MB

05-Nov-18 Updating DRP using R
Adobe PDF 1 MB

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