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Access Arrangement Period 2010-2014

GGT lodged its proposed access arrangement on 23 March 2009. The ERA released a further final decision on 5 August 2010 which did not approve the access arrangement proposal and issued its own access arrangement to take effect from 20 August 2010.

On 29 August 2010 Southern Cross Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd and BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd, applied to the Western Australian Electricity Review Board to review the access arrangement decision. The Electricity Review Board published its orders on 13 April 2012 which required the ERA to amend its decision. The amended decision was also published on 13 April 2012.

GGT is required to submit revisions to this access arrangement by 15 August 2014 with an expected commencement date of August 2015.

Access Arrangement amended by the Western Australian Electricity Review Board

Date Documents File type
13-Apr-12 Access Arrangement
Adobe PDF 226 kB
13-Apr-12 Access Arrangement Information
Adobe PDF 1.1 MB
13-Apr-12 Access Arrangement Appendix 2.1
Adobe PDF 72 kB
13-Apr-12 Access Arrangement Appendix 3
Adobe PDF 325 kB


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