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Review of method used to assign capacity to intermittent generators 2018

Every three years, the ERA reviews the method used to certify capacity for intermittent generators, such as wind and solar farms. As these generators have less control over their output, the capacity certification method acknowledges this variability.

The next review needs to be completed by 1 April 2019.


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April to June 2018  July and August 2018  September to December 2018  January to March 2019  TBA  TBA 

ERA papers

The ERA published a draft report on 21 December 2018 to seek feedback from market participants and interested parties on the Relevant Level Methodology. The consultation period closed on Monday, 18 February 2019. 

Date Document File type
21-Dec-18 Draft report Adobe PDF 935 kB
21-Dec-18 Technical appendix to the draft report Adobe PDF 1.2 MB


Public submissions

We received eight submissions in response to our draft report. These submissions are available in the table below.

Date  Document  File type 
26-Feb-19 SkyFarming Pty Ltd  Adobe PDF 33 kB
19-Feb-19 Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)  Adobe PDF 448 kB
19-Feb-19  Alinta Energy  Adobe PDF 186 kB
19-Feb-19  Community Electricity  Adobe PDF 237 kB
Infrastructure Capital Group  Adobe PDF 92 kB
Noel Schubert - Individual  Adobe PDF 708 kB
19-Feb-19 Synergy  Adobe PDF 7.7 MB
Timothy Edwards - Individual                Adobe PDF 21 kB

Progress updates

The ERA Secretariat has established a working group to assist with the review. Regular status updates will be made public here as well as any presentations to the working group or to the Market Advisory Committee. These documents are working notes only and do not represent the official views of the ERA.

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