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Procedure Change EEPC_2020_01: Review of the Monitoring Protocol

The ERA has reviewed its Monitoring Protocol following Rule Change RC_2018_05. Several updates to the Monitoring Protocol have been made to the Monitoring Protocol to improve transparency and provide further detail on the ERA’s monitoring, investigation and enforcement processes.

The final version of the updated Monitoring Protocol is available on the ERA website with a commencement date 27 July 2020.

Documentation for this procedure change is below.

ERA Papers

Public submissions received in response to the proposed monitoring protocol

Date Documents File type
27-Jul-20 EEPC_2020_01 - Public Submission - Alinta
Adobe PDF 64 kB

27-Jul-20 EEPC_2020_01 - Public Submission - Perth Energy
Adobe PDF 93 kB

Page last updated: 27 Jul 2020