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2015 Minister's Report

Our 2015 review of the effectiveness of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) coincided with the State Government’s Electricity Market Review (EMR). Due to the overlap in the reviews and projects being undertaken as part of the EMR in this review we focused on operational matters that arose during the 2014/15 year and on identifying whether there are any existing or emerging issues that may not be dealt with as part of the current, planned EMR reforms.

We published an issues paper in November 2015 seeking feedback from the public on the effectiveness of the WEM to assist in the preparation of the report to the Minister for Energy. We received two submissions from the public. Our report was published on 30 January 2017.


Date Documents
File type
30-Jan-17 2016 Annual WEM report to the Minister for Energy  Adobe PDF 2.9 MB
20-Nov-15 2015 WEM Issues Paper  Adobe PDF 319 kB
2015 WEM Issues Paper appendices
Adobe PDF 6.34 MB

Public submissions

Date Documents File type
3-Feb-16 Perth Energy Adobe PDF 593 kB
3-Feb-16 Tesla Adobe PDF 739 kB