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Minimum STEM Price Review

The ERA is required to review the appropriateness of the minimum Short Term Energy Market (STEM) price each year. The minimum STEM price is the lowest price that electricity can be offered at in the Wholesale Electricity Market’s balancing market. The ERA must consider the criteria in the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules when determining if the minimum STEM price is appropriate. If the ERA concludes that the minimum STEM price is not appropriate it must determine a new value which will be applicable from the effective date published in the ERA’s final determination.


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Public Submissions - Issues paper

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07-Apr-21 Alinta
Adobe PDF 102 kB

07-Apr-21 Bluewaters Power
Adobe PDF 658 kB

07-Apr-21 NewGen Power Kwinana
Adobe PDF 326 kB

07-Apr-21 Synergy
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