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Framework and Approach 2022 to 2027

On 18 September 2020, the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004 was amended to support the delivery of the State Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy. As a result of the amendments, the ERA is required to publish a framework and approach document prior to Western Power submitting its next access arrangement proposal in February 2022. The framework and approach must be finalised by 2 August 2021 and will set out the services that will be regulated through the access arrangement and the broad nature of regulatory arrangements. It is intended to facilitate early public consultation on the access arrangement and will assist Western Power to prepare its proposal.

The ERA is also required to develop and publish four new guidelines on valuing net benefits, new facilities investment test determinations, multi-function assets and a demand management innovation allowance mechanism. To ensure consistency and streamline the consultation process, the ERA is developing the new guidelines together with the framework and approach.

The ERA has published a scoping paper to inform stakeholders of the process it must follow to develop the framework and approach and to seek preliminary views on matters that should be considered in the development of the issues paper. Public submissions received in response to the scoping paper are published below. 

The ERA has published an issues paper seeking views from stakeholders on the framework and approach for Western Power’s fifth access arrangement review.


Issues Paper

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Date Documents File type
01-Apr-21 Western Power AA5 Review - Framework and approach - Issues paper
Adobe PDF 458 kB

Public Submissions received in response to the ERA Scoping Paper

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Date Documents File type
10-Dec-20 Alinta Energy
Adobe PDF 113 kB

10-Dec-20 Australian Energy Council
Adobe PDF 230 kB

10-Dec-20 Noel Schubert
Adobe PDF 782 kB

10-Dec-20 Perth Energy
Adobe PDF 249 kB

10-Dec-20 WA Local Government Association
Adobe PDF 473 kB

10-Dec-20 Western Power
Adobe PDF 636 kB


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Date Documents File type
05-Nov-20 Western Power AA5 Review - Framework and approach - Scoping paper
Adobe PDF 286 kB

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