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Geraldton Port Authority

In December 2012 the ERA has approved a temporary exemption for Western Power from compliance with certain requirements of its Technical Rules in relation to the additional supply of 11.65 MVA of electricity to the Geraldton Port Authority.

Western Power submitted an application for a temporary exemption from its Technical Rules to the ERA in October 2012. The ERA published an issues paper and invited comments from interested parties. Two submissions were received.

In September 2014 the ERA sought public submissions on an application from Western Power to extend the exemption. One submission was received.

It was noted Western Power’s application contained a typographical error and the inclusion of a term which was contradictory to the temporary basis on which
the 18 December 2012 exemption was granted. Western Power was advised of the typographical error and contradictory term and given the
opportunity to amend its application. On 8 October 2014, Western Power provided an amended application which corrected the typographical error and removed the contradictory term. The ERA approved the temporary exemption for Western Power on the amended application of 8 October 2014.


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