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Power System Operation Working Group

The Public Utilities Office is progressing reforms to improve access to Western Power's electricity Network in the South West interconnected system (SWIS). These reforms are supported by complementary and consequential reforms to the Wholesale Electricity Market, in particular implementation of security-constrained economic dispatch and market arrangements, co-optimisation of energy and ancillary services, and facility bidding for all Market Participants. These reforms will require substantial changes to power system operations. The design of these reforms will also need to consider other issues, current and emerging, in regard to the management of power system security and reliability, and have sufficient longevity to accommodate the operation of the power system in the longer term.

On 16 July 2018 the Market Advisory Committee (MAC) agreed to establish a the Power System Operation Working Group (PSOWG) to assist the MAC in providing advice to AEMO, the Public Utilities Office and the Rule Change Panel on these reforms. The PSOWG's scope of work includes consideration, assessment and development of changes to the Market Rules and Market Procedures, in respect to the operation of the power system to support the reform program.

AEMO provides the secretariat for the PSOWG. The only standing member of the PSOWG is the Chair appointed by AEMO.

The Terms of Reference for the PSOWG is available below.

Terms of Reference [PDF 95kB]

Meeting Papers

Meeting Dates Documents
11 February 2019

Presentation – PSOWG Meeting [PDF 280kB]

Presentation – Constraint Development Responsibilities [PDF 715kB]

Presentation – Limit Advice Preparation Under Constrained Access [PDF 1MB]

Presentation – Contingency Response in the WEM [PDF 1MB]

Presentation – Ancillary Services Engineering and Technical Review [PDF 1MB]

Draft Report – Contingency Frequency Response in the SWIS [PDF 2MB]

16 November 2018

Minutes [PDF 640kB]

Presentation - Constraint implementation update [PDF 464kB]

Presentation - Autonomous islands [PDF 115kB]

Presentation - Operating states [PDF 209kB]

15 October 2018

Minutes [PDF 371kB]

Presentation - Ancillary Services and frequency operating standards [PDF 645kB]

26 September 2018

Minutes [PDF 95kB]

GHD presentation – Ancillary Services review [PDF 95kB]

Presentation – Ancillary Services and Frequency Operating Standards [PDF 95kB]

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