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Public Submissions

The ERA published an issues paper in December 2016 to help interested parties understand the issues that will be considered in the review. We received two submissions to the issues paper.

In August 2017, we released our draft report seeking feedback from the public. We received four submission to the draft report.

Submissions to the draft report and issues paper are available below.

The ERA’s issues paper, draft report and the terms of reference for the review are available here.

Public submissions to the draft report

Date Documents
File type
22-Sep-17 Public submission - Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Adobe PDF 303 kB
22-Sep-17 Public submission - ATCO Gas
Adobe PDF 1.7 MB
22-Sep-17 Public submission - Water Corporation
Adobe PDF 6 MB
22-Sep-17 Public submission - Water West
Adobe PDF 632 kB
22-Sep-17 Public submission - Aqwest
Adobe PDF 609 kB

Public submissions to the issues paper

Date Documents
File type
30-Jan-17 Public submission - Stormwater Western Australia
Adobe PDF 618 kB
30-Jan-17 Public submission - Aqwest
Adobe PDF 108 kB