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Compliance and Enforcement

On 1 July 2016 the compliance and enforcement function that had previously been carried out by the Independent Market Operator (IMO) was transferred to the ERA.

The ERA monitors Rule Participants' compliance with the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules (Market Rules), investigates potential breaches of the Market Rules and takes enforcement action where appropriate. Enforcement action can include applying to the Electricity Review Board for fines or other orders.

The ERA’s Compliance Framework and Strategy describes how the ERA undertakes its compliance activities, including its detection and deterrent activities and its 2017/18 strategic priorities.

The ERA is also required to develop and maintain the Monitoring Protocol Market Procedure which provides further details on how the ERA monitors Rule Participants' compliance.

For any enquiries related to the ERA's compliance and enforcement functions under the Market Rules, including reporting any alleged non-compliance, please contact:

ERA Market Compliance

Phone: (08) 6557 7901