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Glossary of commonly-used acronyms

ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator
AER Australian Energy Regulator
AMS Asset management system
ARG Australian Railroad Group
ATCO ATCO Gas Australia
BR Brookfield Rail
CAPM Capital asset pricing model
CCIWA Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia
CGS Commonwealth Government security
CPI Consumer Price Index
DBP Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline
DBNGP Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline
DGM Dividend growth model
DORC Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost
DOT Department of Transport
DRP Debt Risk Premium
DSS Dispatch support service
ECCC Electricity code consultative committee
EGL Electricity generation licence
EGRC Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation (trading as Synergy)
EMR Electricity Market Review
ENA Energy Networks Association
EPLs Energy Price Limits
ERA Economic Regulation Authority
ERACCC Economic Regulation Authority’s Consumer Consultative Committee
ERL Electricity retail licence
FMG Fortescue Metals Group
GDS Mid-West and South-West Gas Distribution System
GGP Goldfields Gas Pipeline
GGT Goldfields Gas Transmission
GMCCC Gas marketing code consultative committee
GRV Gross Replacement Value
GTK Gross Tonne Kilometres
GWC Gascoyne Water Cooperative
IAMA Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia
IMO Independent market operator
IPART Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal
IPPs Independent Power Producers
IRAR Independent Rail Access Regulator
IRIC Institute for Research into International Competitiveness
LFAS Load following ancillary services
MPT Modern portfolio theory
MRCP Maximum Reserve Capacity Price
MRP Market risk premium
NCC National Competition Council
NEO National Electricity Objective
NGL National Gas Law
NGO National Gas Objective
NGR National Gas Rules
NWI National Water Initiative (NWI) Agreement
PIOL Portman Iron Ore
PTA Public Transport Authority
PTRM Post tax revenue modelx
PUO Public Utilities Office
RCM Reserve Capacity Mechanism
REMCo Retail Energy Market Company
RIA Rottnest Island Authority
RPP Revenue and pricing principles
S&P Standard & Poor's
SRMC Short run marginal cost
STEM Short Term Energy Market
SWIN South West Interconnected Network
SWIS South West Interconnected System
TPI The Pilbara Infrastructure
WACC Weighted average cost of capital
WAGR Western Australian Government Railways Commission
WATC Western Australian Treasury Corporation
WEM Wholesale electricity market
WL Water licence
WNR WestNet Rail