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Economic Regulation Authority Consumer Consultative Committee
Consumer groups play a vital role in helping the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) assess issues and the potential impacts of its decisions.

The ERA established the Economic Regulation Authority Consumer Consultative Committee (ERACCC) in March 2005 for the purpose of:

  • providing comment to the ERA on issues affecting consumers that fall within the scope of the ERA’s administration of the Economic Regulation Act 2003; and
  • providing tangible outcomes for consumers through work that members undertake in partnership with other members and with the ERA.

The ERA wants to ensure its communication and compliance strategies meet the needs of consumers. Participation in the group allows members to inform the ERA about issues that affect both the groups they represent and consumers more generally. In addition the ERACCC is able to inform consumers about the work of the ERA.

The ERACCC is chaired by the ERA Chairman, Mr Lyndon Rowe and provided with executive support by the Secretariat.

The ERACCC meets quarterly at the ERA office in Perth.The ERA makes public the issues discussed by issuing a communiqué following each meeting:

June 2014
Communique - 4 June 2014
Adobe PDF
March 2014  Communique - 5 March 2014 Adobe PDF 
December 2013
Communique - 4 December 2013
Adobe PDF
September  2013 Communiqué - 4 September 2013
Adobe PDF
June 2013 Communiqué - 5 June 2013
Adobe PDF
March 2013 Communiqué - 6 March 2013
Adobe PDF
December 2012 Communiqué - 5 December 2012
Adobe PDF
September 2012 Communiqué - 5 September 2012
Adobe PDF
June 2012 Communiqué - 6 June 2012
Adobe PDF
March 2012 Communiqué - 7 March 2012
Adobe PDF
December 2011 Communiqué - 7 December 2011
Adobe PDF
September 2011 Communiqué - 7 September 2011
Adobe PDF

Current members of the ERACCC are:

Name Agency Representative type Term ends
Lyndon Rowe
Economic Regulation Authority Chairperson 29 February 2016
Charles Brown
Financial Counsellors’ Association of WA
Member 29 February 2016
Irina Cattalini
WA Council of Social Service
29 February 2016
Rebecca Douthwaite
Property Council of Australia (WA) Member 29 February 2016
Lisa Kazalac
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA
Member 29 February 2016
Paul Schollum
WA Local Government Association
Member 29 February 2016
Leon Bradley
Pastoralists & Graziers Association of WA (Inc) Member 29 February 2016
Andrew Winter
Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA (Inc) Member 29 February 2016
Chris Wyhoon
WA Farmers Federation Member 29 February 2016
Christine Coyne
  Member 29 February 2016
Gary Newcombe Department of Commerce
Observer 29 February 2016
Mary White 
Energy Ombudsman WA
Observer 29 February 2016

The role of a member is outlined in Members’ Terms of Appointment.

The role of an observer is outlined in Observers' Terms of Appointment.
Page last updated: 25/07/2014